administratively controlled information

n.Information that has been restricted from unauthorized disclosure for reasons other than national security.


Records containing administratively controlled information often bear designations such as 'for official use only' or 'limited official use'. Several statutes provide for restricting records in certain circumstances on grounds of national security, privacy, protection of trade secrets, internal agency personnel matters, law enforcement, litigation, and other reasons.


OSHA 1998, Ch. 2, pt. IV Public access to Government information is in the best interests of a free society. However, classified material (relating to the national defense or conduct of foreign policy) or administratively controlled information (relating to individuals – subject to the Privacy Act – or materials dealing with sensitive activities of the Agency whose disclosure would not be in the public interest) must be protected against disclosure. OSHA 1998, Ch. 9, pt. III Administratively controlled information is information which must not be released for public dissemination. This includes FOIA-exempt information, Privacy Act restricted information, and other information to which access is restricted such as individual medical records, trade secrets and other private or restricted company information.