recordkeeping system

n.Coordinated policies and procedures that enable records to be collected, organized, and categorized to facilitate their management, including preservation3, retrieval, use, and disposition.


Recordkeeping systems may be manual or automated.


US GAO 2002 An electronic recordkeeping system may be either a distinct system designed specifically to provide recordkeeping functionality or part of another system. A distinct electronic recordkeeping system will comprise an application program which provides recordkeeping functionality, data and metadata needed for management of the records controlled by the system, and any electronic records managed by the system. An electronic recordkeeping system may be part of another system, such as an application system or an electronic document management system, when the design of that system includes recordkeeping functionality. Skupsky and MontaƱa 1994, p. 63 [A] witness who gives foundation testimony should be thoroughly familiar with the recordkeeping system that produced the document. The witness should be prepared to testify concerning the steps that went into preparation of the document, procedures used to ensure accuracy of the systems of records involved, reliance by the organization on records such as the one in question in the conduct of its everyday affairs, and any special foundation requirements that the courts have established for the particular type of record in question.