n.A list of things.DescriptionA finding aid that includes, at a minimum, a list of the series in a collection.Records ManagementThe process of surveying the records in an office, typically at the series level.


Inventory2: A summary inventory, also called a series inventory or a title inventory, includes only terse descriptions of the materials. A summary inventory may be made for materials with very technical form or contents, which would require extensive description to adequately capture the nuance difference. They are also made for collections of homogenous materials, in which details would be redundant.


Feeney 1999, p. 208 Inventories1 differ among repositories, but most include an introduction or abstract; a history or biography of the collection's originating agency or individuals; a scope note detailing the size, contents, media, and arrangement of the collection; descriptions of the series subdivisions within the collection; container-level (box or folder) listings of the materials in each series; and an index or list of subject headings used to describe the collection.