n. A video signal that combines color and luminance information into a single signal for recording and broadcast and that is decoded when viewed. Motion picture film containing both the picture and matching sound; a married print. PhotographyA photographic print with a single, unified image from several different negatives. PhotographyA single portrait made from photographs of many people. Preservation and ConservationA complex material in which several components combine to produce characteristics and properties that are not found in the individual components (ceramics, glass, plastics).


Composite3, 4 is distinguished from 'collage', which are prints assembled from pieces of other prints. - A composite3 photograph may be made using the technique of combination printing. - Composite4 describes a technique used in the late 19th century. In some instances, these photographs were purported to have anthropological value by revealing a generic 'type' of the class of people photographed, often a race or ethnic group, but sometimes a family.