n. The process of establishing truth or soundness (validity); see authentication. The process of declaring or rendering something to make it legally binding or to indicate it is in proper legal form. The process of ensuring something is suitable in a particular environment. A mark indicating that something is legally acceptable; see certification.


Illingworth 1996, p. 527 Verification and validation3 [is] a general term for the complete range of checks that are performed on a system in order to increase confidence that the system is suitable for its intended purpose. This range might include a rigorous set of functional tests, performance testing, reliability testing, and so on, in which case the term verification, validation and testing is more appropraite. Although a precise distinction is not always drawn, the verification aspects normally refers to completely objective checking of conforming to some well-defined specification, while the validation aspect normally refers to a somewhat objective assessment of likely suitability in the intended environment.