n. The process of formally enrolling with an official body for certain rights or privileges. The process of entering information in a register. MuseumsThe process of entering information about museum holdings into a recordkeeping system. The process of aligning of several images, especially color separations, to form a single image.


Examples of registration1 include registering a copyright, an automobile license, and land title. When approved, such information is typically entered into a public record, although that record is not always in the form of a register. Archives commonly ask patrons to complete a registration form containing their name and an agreement to follow policies and procedures.


Duranti 1998, p. 139–140 Registration is the action of transcribing a document in a register, carried out by an office different from that issuing the document and specifically entrusted with that function. When registration takes place, the number assigned to the document in the register is included in the document with a formula attesting to that action. The formula and registration number may be added to the document, not by the registration office, but by the notary or lawyer responsible for the compilation of the document, following proper authorization by the registration office.