records manager

(also records administrator), n.An individual responsible for the administration of programs for the efficient and economical handling, protecting, and disposing of records throughout their life cycle.


'Records manager', 'records analyst', and 'records officer' are sometimes used interchangeably, although the titles often indicate different responsibilities in an organization. Records managers' activities include developing file plans and retention schedules; working with clerks and supervisors to identify ways to improve recordkeeping practices; reviewing appropriate media for records; planning storage facilities for active and inactive records; overseeing microfilm and scanning for space reduction or preservation; and developing and implementing essential records programs.


Greene et al. 2001 Anyone who works as a keeper of stuff in a corporate environment cannot afford to worry too much about the fine distinctions between Record Manager, Librarian, Archivist and Document Control Manager. The key is to keep what the corporation needs. Need is difficult to define, but people in corporations know when you have something, or have organized something, in a way they find useful for the task at hand. If you keep stuff no one needs, it is quite likely your collection will be trashed, given away or simply die from lack of use.