records management application

n. (RMA, abbr.) Software that aids the management of records, especially electronic records, including the use of a file plan for classifying records and of a records schedule for identifying records that are due for disposition.


RMAs may be used for electronic or paper records, but most are implemented to manage electronic records. RMAs are distinguished from document management applications, the latter emphasizing version control and lacking records scheduling and disposition functions. The Department of Defense has issued a performance standard for evaluating and certifying RMAs (DoD 5015.2).


US GAO 2002, p. 12 In response to the difficulty of manually managing electronic records, agencies are slowly turning to automated records management applications to help automate electronic records management life-cycle processes. The primary functions of these applications include categorizing and locating records and identifying records that are due for disposition, as well as storing, retrieving, and disposing of electronic records and assigning them to an appropriate records retention and disposition category.