preservation metadata

n. Information about an object used to protect the object from harm, injury, deterioration, or destruction.


OCLC/RLG 2001, p. 4 Preservation metadata may be used to store technical information supporting preservation decisions and actions; document preservation actions taken, such as migration of emulation policies; record the effects of preservation strategies; ensure the authenticity of digital resources over time; [and] note information about collection management and the management of rights. Puglia, Reed, and Rhodes 2004, p. 11 Preservation metadata encompasses all information necessary to manage and preserve digital assets over time. . . . ΒΆ Preservation metadata is information that will assist in preservation decision-making regarding the long-term value of a digital resource and the cost of maintaining access to it, and will help to both facilitate archiving strategies for digital images as well as support and document these strategies over time. Preservation metadata is commonly linked with digital preservation strategies such as migration and emulation, as well as more routine" system-level actions such as copying