paperless office

n. A place of work that uses electronic documents, rather than paper, to create, store, and use information.


Sellen and Harper 2002, 2Let's first take a look at the origins of the concept of the paperless office – the expectation that electronic technologies would make paper in the office a thing of the past. . . . The understanding was that it came from Xerox PARC. . . . In the mid-1970s, when PARC was new, a Business Week article featured the then head of PARC, George Pake, making a series of predictions about the office of the future. This article implies as much about the demise of the typewriter as it does about paper. . . . Paperlessness was not an issue for most of the researchers anyway and it was only 'outsiders' who made the claim that that was what PARC was about.