n. A picture with 360° view, especially a landscape. A picture that depicts a wide, horizontal view. PhotographyAn image that is significantly longer in the horizontal dimension.


The panorama1 originates in the late 17th century. A panorama was often painted on a cylindrical wall or on a long scroll. - Panorama2 is now used in a more general sense to refer to images that give a broad view of the landscape. - In photography, panorama3 refers to a variety of formats. Wide-field and banquet panoramas consist of a single frame with correct perspective. Cirkut panoramas are made using a specialized camera that sweeps through an angle during exposure while scrolling the film to track against the camera motion. Cirkut panoramas have distorted perspectives. Mosaic panoramas are made by piecing together separate photographs, usually a standard-sized format; mosaic panoramas also have a distorted perspective.