n.An image; an illustration; a picture.A symbolic representation of something.DescriptionA still, two-dimensional representation intended to be viewed by reflected light.


A graphic may be two-dimensional, such as a print, or three-dimensional, such as a hologram. It may be a component in a larger work, or an independent work. - Graphic1 is not necessarily representational; it may be colors and shapes that do not attempt to depict the appearance, abstract or precise, of any real-world object or scene. - Graphic2 may be used to describe something that is a pictorial representation of the world, or an abstract representation of ideas through the positioning of shapes, lines, words, or other visual devices.


UNESCO 2001 [Graphic3] A two-dimensional representation whether opaque (e.g., art original and reproductions, flash cards, photographs, technical drawings) or intended to be viewed, or projected without motion, by means of an optical device (e.g., film strips, stereographs, slides).