n. Something that is used to support an understanding or argument. LawA record, an object, testimony, or other material that is used to prove or disprove a fact.


In order for a record to be accepted as credible evidence, it is necessary to demonstrate that the record is authentic and reliable, that it is not fraudulent, and that its content is sufficient and accurate. The Federal Rules of Evidence (and similar state rules) distinguish documents and records; while both are subject to discovery, only business records are admissible as evidence under the business exception rule to the hearsay rule.


Levy 2001, 16The receipt is meant to function as 'proof of purchase,' as evidence that an exchange of money for goods actually took place. Coming into being at the very time and place the food was prepared and the goods were delivered, the receipt serves as witness to these facts. MacNeil 2000, 40The Latin word evidence means 'that which is manifest of in plain sight.' In its metaphoric sense, evidence is that which brings the invisible (that is, a past event) back into plain sight.