documentation planning

n.A proactive technique to ensure that an institution's functions, programs, or activities are adequately documented through a holistic process of institutional analysis, leading to the deliberate selection of appropriate records.


Documentation planning focuses on an archives working to document its parent institution, as distinguished from documentation strategy, which is a collaborative effort among several archives to document a topic or region.


Krizack 1994, p. xiv A documentation plan is formulated in two stages, analysis and selection. The first stage consists of three tiers of analysis: 1. an institutional analysis, 2. a comparison of the institution with others of the same type, and 3. an analysis of the relationship of the institutions to the larger system of which it is a part. . . . The selection stage consists of making decisions about what to document at three levels: 1. the function, 2. the activity or project, and 3. the record series.