n.A photomechanical process that uses ink to produce prints from a reticulated gelatin matrix; a gelatin print2.


Collotypes have a reticulated pattern of light and dark that approximate the continuous tones of a photograph.


Jones 1911 [collotype] A process known also as phototype, and in slight variations, as Albertype, Artotype, etc. It is based on the principle that if a film of bichromated gelatin is exposed to light under a negative, and the unaltered bichromate is washed out, the film will have a similar property to that possessed by a lithographic stone of attracting ink in some parts and absorbing water in others, the water repelling the ink. Nadeau 1990, v. 1, p. 73 This planographic process was invented by Alphonse Poitevin in 1855 and can be considered the first process of photolithography.