n.AHR-kih-vee Chiefly North Americanthe discipline of archives


The word archivy is unique in that we know exactly when it was coined: on June 19, 1937, during the first meeting of the Society of American Archivists. An article in the Washington Star published the next day outlines the story: “‘This meeting,’ one of them said, ‘is the beginning of a new era in archivy.’ Immediately, all who heard the word pounced on it—and took it into the fold. In the excitement, no one could recall the name of the author.” The term archivy is not used commonly in the field, but (as even the newspaper article from 1937 noted) it allows the profession a distinct term to use instead of the polysemous archives, which archivists use for a set of records, a building, an organization, or the entire field itself.