n.A work that combines different formats into an integrated whole.


Multimedia commonly refers to works that combine sound, images, and text. However, the term is more encompassing, and can include works that combine sculpture and music, or music and light. Multimedia should be distinguished from mixed media, which are works that combine different materials, such as photography and paint.


Spingarn-Koff 2000 Multimedia isn't confined to computers, [Randall] Packer said, but has its roots in Wagner's 19th century operas. ¶ Wagner's concept of the 'Gesamtkunstwerk,' or Total Artwork, envisioned a synthesis of the arts which is now found in the latest digital environments, Packer said. ¶ 'There's a lineage of scientists and artists who envisioned the integration of media and artistic form,' Packer said. 'Virtual reality didn't come from nowhere.'