MARC Format for Archival and Manuscripts Control

n.A standard data communications format that specifies a data structure for description of records (archives and manuscripts).


Also Archival and Manuscripts Control Format (AMC), USMARC Format for Archival and Manuscripts Control, AMC format, and MARC AMC format.


Russell and Hutchinson 2000 In recent years, the archival community has given much attention to the idea of adapting standard bibliographic cataloging processes in order to describe the kinds of materials often held by archives and other depositories. This adaptation has become increasingly common in recent years, as the special MARC AMC format was eliminated in favor of a single bibliographic format for MARC records that describes all formats of materials and the underlying and unifying principles that can be used to describe both published and unpublished materials. The introduction of Encoded Archival Description as an electronic standard for displaying finding aids on the World Wide Web has not diminished the importance of bibliographic cataloging, especially in institutions with collections including archives, published material, and other formats.