dynamic document

n. A document that includes content taken from external sources that changes as those external sources change. A document, especially a web page, that changes content through periodic transactions between the client and server.


A dynamic document1 may also include information that remains consistent each time it is viewed. For example, a report written in a word processor may include a graph that draws information from an external spreadsheet. Each time the report is opened, it updates the graph based on the most current information in the spreadsheet.In other instances, a dynamic document is little more than a template. For example, a web page may use different graphics and include different text based on a variety of factors. As a result, the web page may be different every time it is viewed.Because the content of dynamic documents changes as the information in external sources changes, it lacks fixity and cannot be relied on as a source of historical information. If the information in a dynamic document needs to be preserved, it must be written to a nondynamic format to create a record of the information.A dynamic document2 on the web may use client-pull, server-push, or other techniques to trigger content updates.