Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts

n. (APPM, abbr.)A standard for developing a catalog of archival materials, principally at the collection level, with consistent descriptions and access points that can be integrated into bibliographic catalogs constructed using Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.


APPM was compiled by Steven L. Hensen. It was first published by the Library of Congress in 1983, and a second, revised edition was published by the Society of American Archivists in 1989.


Feeney 1999, p. 207 Revised and promoted as a standard in 1989 by the Society of American Archivists, APPM addresses inadequacies in standard library cataloging rules, developed for classification and description of published materials such as books rather than for unique materials such as archival documents and manuscripts. Hensen 1993, p. 68 The various rules laid down in APPM are either directly derived from their counterparts in AACR2 or are archival interpretations, expansions, and glosses of standard AACR2 rules – the last being particularly the case in the chapters on forming personal and corporate name headings.